PolarJet P4000
ndustrial Dry Ice Cleaner

Dry ice blasting - the revolutionary cleaning method
Thanks to the use of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide at –78.5 °C) it is now possible to clean molds from plastic or silicon residuals, remove grease, oil, releasing agent, wax , glue, and many other residuals with a far smaller effort than before. Dry ice blasting is the ideal solution for cleaning components, tools, machines and installations of small to medium size.

Industrial Dry Ice Blasting
Polarjet P4000

PolarJet P4000

The dry ice blaster developped and produced by our partner polarjet.ch combines all the advantages of this process:
• Compact but powerful unit
• Easy to use
• Very sturdy construction
• High-Tech from the leading Swiss producer, optimized for our customers of the manufacturing industry

Technische specifications

 General design featuresStainless steel & plastic housing
Stainless steel frame 
 Frame and housingMobile unit on 4 wheels
(front: swivel castors) 
 External measurements 480 x 700 x 850 mm
 Container5 kg dry ice pellets
 Pressurized air supply > 3000 l/min (6 bar)
4 bis 10 bar
oil free, dry air
(refrigerant type dryer)
Dry ice consumption 20 - 40 kg / h
Weight when empty  35 kg
Pressurized air adjustment Control on the unit
 Control panel Manometer bar
 Scope of supply- Pistol with hose
- Coupling according to norms (CH-ARO / European Standard)
- 7m pressurized air hose
- Dry ice shovel,
- 5 m earth cable with connector,
- Safety instructions,
- User manual
Work hose2 m